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Computer Vision in production

Quality Control

Continous quality control, particularly in production processes with high variability, allow early detection and correction of errors.

3D Information

When you are automating variable processes, you need 3D information to pilot your robots. 

Process Corrections

Stop and correct your workflow before costly follow-up costs occur.

Key Technology in modern Production: 

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is an AI based technology, allowing computers autonomously to identify and localize features, structures, irregularities, etc. This capability is not dependent on the context, so a scratch or fissure is recognized, independently from the shape of the produced part.

Proven Technology

AI Vision – Product

AI Vision has passed successfully the first phase of the proof of concept of leading, globally active vehicle manufacturer. Next step will be the roll-out and the training of approx.80 different defect types.

Specific recognition

AI Vision recognizes and differentiates different defect types, for example scratches, welding splatter, …

High reliability

AI Vision reaches a high accuracy rate, comparable to the results of human testing.

Different image souces

AI Vision analyses still and video images.

Tolerance to surounding conditions

AI Vision is not distracted by reflections.

Individual customization

AI Vision platform

Based on the existing platform, AI vision can be quickly and efficiently trained towards other environments and objectives.


Specific or varying lighing conditions can be compensated.

Individual defects

The algorithm is adjusted to defects, relevant to your process. 

Workpiece geometry

Defects or features can be recognized on varying workpiece geometries . Consequentially, no training on SKU level is required.

Decentralized data management

The image analysis can be executed directly in the production process, so that data protection issues become irrelevant

Our Team

AI Vision is a product of NeuralRays AI Ltd and NeuralRays AI Europe GmbH. We work globally and share multiple competence centers in order to serve our customers with highest efficiency. 

Philip Moncke

Managing Director & Founder NeuralRays AI Europe GmbH

Tony Scott

CEO & Fouder NeuralRays AI Ltd.

Senthil Loganathan

COO & Founder NeuralRays AI Ltd.

Our Team

about. 70 highly qualified developpers for AI and digitalization

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